Our Instructors


Ed Thompson

Grand Master, Owner

7th Dan Taekwondo

Grand Master Ed Thompson has studied the arts of Taekwondo, Hapkido and Judo for well over 40 years and was owner/instructor of a Martial Arts school in Belgrade before moving to Billings. Master Thompson has a dynamic and expansive career, with diverse knowledge encompassed in fire-fighting and law enforcement since 1984. Grand Master Thompson has the ability to facilitate group collaboration and mind-sharing, efficiently managing change in order to bring out the best in students.


Mark Rosales

Grand Master

7th Dan Taekwondo

Shodan Judo

Mr. Mark Rosales started his formal training in Taekwondo, with the NWTA, in the mid-eighties. He would go on to be the owner of Culbertson TKD from 1991-2001. He moved to Billings and taught classes for Grand Master Fujiwara from 2002 until GM Fujiwara's passing in 2010. He then went on to open Billings TKD from 2010 until 2016. In 2017, Mr. Rosales joined the MAAB family as a TKD instructor.


Lori Rosales


5th Dan Taekwondo

Mrs. Lori Rosales has been involved in martial arts for 25+ years. Starting in Culbertson, she partnered with Husband Master Mark Rosales, co-owner/instructor of Culbertson Tae Knowdo. In 2001 she moved to Billings, teaching classes for Grand Master Karlo Fujiwara at Rocky Mountain College. In 2010 she continued as co-owner/instructor of Billings Tae Kwondo with husband Master Mark Rosales.


Eve Allen

Master, Owner

6th Dan Taekwondo

Nidan Judo

Mrs. Eve Allen began her Martial Arts training in 1993 in the art of Taekwondo. Her training under Grand Master Fujiwara expanded to include the art of Judo and Hapkido. She instructs in both Taekwondo and Judo and enjoys attending workshops, seminars and clinics in order to broaden her knowledge of these arts. She has worked in the legal field for many years as a legal secretary, paralegal and a judicial assistant. Eve heads up the Woman's Self Defense curriculum at the school and serves as co-commissioner for the Big Sky State Games Taekwondo and Judo competitions. She is a Life Member of USA Judo, the USJF, the USJA, a member of the USA Judo Circle of 100, holds her National Coach Certification through USA Judo and Self Defense Teacher Certification through the US Judo Federation. 

Specialty: Women's Self Defense Program Organizer


Rob Charette


Sandan Judo

Mr. Rob Charette is another competition Judo Instructor. He has an incredible history of competition in wrestling and international judo setting the stage for his younger brother Josh by winning the World Silver Medal in Sambo. He excels at Ne Waza, has intense work ethic and loves helping kids and adults grow in their skills.


Dave Allen

Master, Owner

6th Dan Taekwondo

Yodan Judo

Mr. Dave Allen began his Martial Arts Career in 1994 in Taekwondo and expanded into Judo and Hapkido soon after joining with Grand Master Karlo Fujiwara. He is an 
IJF-B International Judo Referee, is the official announcer for major USA Judo events and previously served on the USA Judo Board of Ethics.

He has served as Tournament Announcer for Judo events including the World IBSA Judo Championships, the Oceania World  Championships, Pan-Am Opens, US World Cups, US Open, Junior Scholastic Championships, US Olympic Trials and many local, regional and international tournaments. His announcing resume also includes the 2015 Pan American Games where his skills were utilized for all the combat sports, including Judo, Taekwondo, Karate, and Freestyle & Greco Roman Wrestling.

He is a Life Member of USA Judo, the USJF, the USJA and is a USA Judo Circle of 100 Member. Dave has owned the Auto Brokers of Montana Auto Dealership and AA&A Auto Rental companies for over 33 years. He is in his 14th year serving as co-commissioner, with his wife Eve, of the Big Sky State Games Taekwondo/Judo competition.


Josh Charette


Sandan Judo

World Silver Medalist, Sambo

Mr. Joshua Charette is our competition Judo Instructor. At the time of his retirement in 2004, he ranked #4 in US Judo, held a World Silver medal in Sambo and 3 Montana state wrestling championships. He has vast knowledge of groundwork and understands how to train at the highest levels. He is the Pastor of Great Plains Gathering Church and is a graduate of Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Brice Cady


5th Dan Taekwondo

Mr. Brice Cady started Martial Arts in 1983 when he was 10 years old under Master Sam Damon. He competed in 1988 at the Junior Olymics in Tampa Florida and again in 1989 in Rochester Minnesota. Brice has been teaching Martial Arts since 2003. He is an MTA referee representative on the board of directors and an MTA-A Level certified referee. He is also a Billings Gazette 40 under 40 award winner because of his business successes. Brice has owned Brice's Masterclean since 2004 and has won the Billings Gazette Readers Choice award 8 years in a row. His hobbies include doing anything with his family and Moto-Cross. The Cady family loves fishing and hiking in the mountains.


Mark Verzatt


6th Dan Taekwondo

Master Mark Verzatt took his first Taekwondo class in 1974 at Cho's Taekwondo in Denver Co while attending a radio trade school. He later became a major market disc jockey by age 25. Like many people, Karate took a back seat to family and career until he enrolled with his kids at Grand Master Karlo Fujiwara's orginal North Park Dojo in the early 1990s. The noon class makes training available for students who cannot train in the evening. Master Mark promises a focused workout and lots of fun. By the way, Master Mark did get a 'real' job; He and his wife Karmal have been running one of the highest ranked Allstate agencies in America right here in Billings, since 1986.

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