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What We Study

The Martial Arts Academy is a First Class training facility. MAAB teaches Taekwondo and Judo, with some Hapkido mixed in, to all ages. We have programs for juniors as young as 3 years old. Family Friendly! MAAB is a great place to learn discipline, competition and receive a great cardio workout. All ages and abilities are welcome.

MAAB News and Events

Classes and Courses

We have a variety of classes throughout the week. Interested? Try a couple for free!



Tae [to smash or kick with the foot]

Kwon [to strike with the hand or fist]

Do [the way or art of]



The way of gentleness.

Upcoming Events

Williston Taekwondo and Judo Tournament

October 26 - Williston, ND

2019 USA Judo National Presidents Cup Championships - November 24 - Irving, TX

2020 USA Judo Youth National Championships

March 28-29 - Salt Lake City, UT

MAAB is a USA Judo Registered Club

Martial Arts Academy of Billings is now an officially registered USA Judo club! Please mark it appropriately when updating your membership or signing up for the first time! 

Travel for Williston Tournaments

MAAB will be supplying some of the Taekwondo and Judo mats and computers, and we would like to see a minimum of 25 MAAB members travel and compete. Please contact us if you need to ride with someone!