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The Martial Arts Academy is a First Class training facility. MAAB teaches Taekwondo and Judo, with some Hapkido mixed in, to all ages. We have programs for juniors as young as 3 years old. Family Friendly! MAAB is a great place to learn discipline, competition and receive a great cardio workout. All ages and abilities are welcome.

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MAAB News and Events

Classes and Courses

We have a variety of classes throughout the week. Interested? Try a couple for free!



Tae [to smash or kick with the foot]

Kwon [to strike with the hand or fist]

Do [the way or art of]



The way of gentleness.

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events currently scheduled.

COVID - 19

Because of the fluidity of the Covid-19 situation, Taekwondo and Judo Classes are being conducted with 'Social Distancing' and non-contact methods.


The dojo is disinfected after each class and MAAB has installed Dust Free UV Bacterial Purification Filters for added student & instructor protection.

Please come dressed in your uniform. Clean uniforms will be provided if you are new.

(406) 591-9000

528 Lake Elmo Dr.

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