Taekwondo Test July 29, 2016

Group Photo after the Test
MAAB held a Taekwondo test for eligible White, Yellow and Green belts on Friday night, July 29th. The test was presided over by Grand Master Ed Thompson and was administered by Masters Dave Allen and Brice Cady. Also seated at the head table were Master Eve Allen and Master Mark Verzatt.
It was a tremendous turnout of MAAB black belts for test grading. They were Mr. Mark Chaput, Mr. Chris Wood, Mr. Ben Randolph, Mr. Dan Huffman, Mr. Steve Halama, Ms. Tatia Threatt, Mrs. Bridget Moore, Mr. Ron Moore and Junior black belt Billy. 
The candidates did a great job in displaying their techniques and forms and also did some escapes. Congratulations on everyone who successfully tested!