Taekwondo Test-December 23, 2016

Wednesday evening, December 21, the Martial Arts Academy of Billings held a Teakwondo test for approximately 40 candidates, ranging from white/yellow stripe all the way to 1st Dan Black belt. MAAB was excited (and honored) to have in attendance, Grand Master Randy Waitman, who sat at the Head table with Grand Master Ed Thompson, Masters Eve Allen, Dave Allen, Mark Verzatt and Brice Cady. MAAB Black belts in attendance were Mr. Mark Chaput, Mr. Ben Randolph, Mr. Chris Wood, Mr. Dan Huffman, Mrs. Bridget Moore, Mr. Ron Moore, Mr. Steve Halama and Miss Alex Moore.

The dojo was in a festive mood with decorating provided by Mr. Halama on the mat area with the holiday tree and the kick dummies wearing santa hats and cloths. Thank you Mrs. Moore for taking the photos for this post!

Congratulations to all candidates!