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Taekwondo Test August 2012

There were two separate Taekwondo tests on Friday August 24th. The 6PM test featured white and yellow belt juniors/adults moving up to yellow stripe, yellow belt, green stripe and green belts.  The 7:30PM test was for higher ranked juniors and all adults testing for their next belt.  The evening culminated with the presentation of rank advancement for each student who attended.  Special congratulations to Mr. Scott Sather who successfully completed his 3rd Dan Black Belt test. Master Ed Thompson and Mrs. Stacy Thompson conducted the test while Mr. Jeremiah Thompson led the technique commands.  Master Brice Cady, Master Eve Allen and Master Dave Allen were also in attendance for rank grading and the promotion ceremonies.
            Group Photo of the First test!
The first testing group and Billy Wood in the lead
Our Panel of Judges and photographer Mrs. Moore.



 Sasha McCrone
 Zach Luderitz
 Garrett Hoke gives a Kyup! 
 Crystal Dormady followed by Alana Strock
 Jacqueline Dupree
 Sydney Morris followed by Hunter Krank
 Dominic Vallie in a back stance
 Carter Parkins does a high block
Jullian Becker 
 Billy Wood does a perfect round house kick
 Toni Dodson begins an in-to-out middle block
 Nice group energy.
 "I think I can kick the ceiling."
 No one gets in my way!
Isabela Dykeman performing a thrust kick 
 Jacqueline Dupree
 Braydon Hanson in the foreground.
 Roman Glinwood
 Isabella Dykeman
 Dani Dodson
 Hunter Krank and Mikayla Luderitz
 Kasey Killion shows off his concentration
 Kasey Killion, Roman Glinwood, Zachary Nelson
Billy Wood in flight 
 Dominic and Toni
 Great job Alana!
 Kenzie Reiners with Sydney Luderitz
 Jump turning side kick
 Nice back kick Kaitlyn
  Mr. Mize and Billy Wood.  Mr. Stan Morris behind the two of them
 Group photo of the second test!
 Toni Dodson is in disbelief as Dallin Despain prepares to attack her.
 Riley Scherer
 Jessica Schmid
 Mr. Ron Moore receives his new belt.
 Master Ed Thompson
 Billy Wood with Dave Allen
 Mr. Steve Halama receives his promotion.
 Brady Skornicka has intensity
 Scott Sather and Billy Wood with scissor blocks
 Isabella Dykeman and Brady Skornicka
 Sasha in anza position
 The entire test group is on the move!
 Luke Nitz prepares to receive his belt
 Did we have two sets of twins testing?
Heather Moore and Mr. Ron Moore with
twice the power in this image! 
 Hunter Nixdorf as he receives his belt.
 Miss Jasmine Schmid
 Mr. Jeremiah Thompson
 Joey Stovall and Luke Nitz
 2nd test bow
 Mr. Scott Sather relaxes for a moment
 Kaitlyn Hensel performing poomse 
 Mr. Nathan Mize takes down Scott Sather
 Adriane Funk in the middle of a kick
 Nathan Mize and Joey stovall
Mr. Sather receives his 3rd dan promotion
 Dante Garriott on the move
 Mr. Halama demonstrates a twin knife hand guard
 Mishila Bledsoe
 Go for it Luke!
 Side thrust kicks.
 High rank test actions.
 Kaitlyn Hensel followed by Adriane Funk
 Joey Stovall in a back stance
 Jessica Schmid on the move.
 Nicholas Spartz
 Briana Allen
 Mr. Jerry Scherer moving down the mat.
 It is a martial arts rodeo.
 Mr. Sather is thrown by Mr. Scherer
 Isabel Spartz and Billy Wood
 Nathan Mize and scott Sather demonstrating self defense techniques.
 Steve Halama shows a front thrust kick.
 Two Scherers test at the same time
 Sophia Salisbury in the foreground
 Hi, my name is Heather.
 2nd group donning their new belts
 Alana and Sasha
Hunter and Dominic 
 A little self-defense
 Billy Wood and Kenzie Reiners
2nd test group moving down the mat