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Saturday Live Performance September 2012

The weather was cooperative so there was a tremendous turnout to watch our Junior Demonstration Team perform Center Stage in Pioneer Park!  These pictures tell the story of the great intensity and concentration the students had for this annual performance.  Great Job to Master Cady and the MAAB Juniors!
The Colored Belts at the Finish Line

About to get started

Ian Worden shows Stranger Danger

Alona Hurd and Abbey Funk

Carter Sanderson

Tiana Geck Unloads on Gregory

Brady is in Suspended Animation!

Synchronized Movement
Alex Moore Kicks Adrianne Funk

Ashlynn Allen is Attacked by Heather Moore

A Little Action
Go Mr. Ian
Uh Oh

Alex, Are You Really About to Smack
 Tessa Wison in the Head?
Heather Moore with Sister Alex

Brady Cady and Gregory Hill

Dynamic Movement by Tiana Geck

Send Him Spinning

That Brady Cady has a Big Voice
Dallin is One Intense Kid
Leif, Why did you Take Dallin's Soccer Ball?  You made him Mad!!!

Never Pick on the Red Head

Kaitlyn Gets Ready
Palgwe 4 Here I come
Leif Baker
Turning Side Thrust
Tiana is about to do some Hapkido
Better protect Your head Brady
Brady, Didn't I just Warn you to Protect Your Head?
Break Boards, Ride Wild Horses, She can do it All

Loading Up
Let it Fly Tiana

Gregory, Will You Ever Learn?

Pure 'Kick' Bliss
Alexis in concentration mode

The Three Amigos!
A finale with all
Organized Chaos
Gregory Hill Phsyching up 

Bodies are Piling Up

Leif Baker, Riley Scherer & Dallin Despain
Dallin, Adrianne & Jasmine Schmid
Look at My Fist of Fury
Kaitlyn Hensel & Alexis Heuer

The action Never Stops
Jasmine Schmid Demolishes that one
Excellent Display of Determination
Go Riley and Kaitlyn
Adrianne Funk, Jessica Schmid 
& Jasmine Schmid
Front Thrusts

Palgwe Two with Three

Jessica Schmid
Jasmine Schmid with Isabela Spartz
I think some bullies are sneaking up
Riley Scherer with Brady Skornicka
Isabela Spartz Performs
Don't Get ion MY Face
Adrianne, You Are Tough
Way to Kick Your Sister
good Kick Abbey
Tiana Gets Ready to Unload on Gregory
Heather Moore 1
Heather Again 3
Tessa Wilson
Palm Heal Strike
Good Thing No One is Back There
Mom, Look at me Now

I'm Gonna Give You an Uppercut

Go Ashlynn!
You have a long way to fly Gregory
Contact! Snap! Break!

Great Form Tiana
Alex Shatters that Board

Walker Hill does an Elbow Strike
Brady Cady needs some Firewood
Alex Loads her Side Kick

Tiana & Alex
That Board is Toast
Tessa Shows the "I'm Cool' Stride

Sequence of Hook Kicks
Alex Continues the Sequence
More From Alex Moore
4 Boards in All 

Flexible is the 7th Dimension

Master Cady is on High Alert

Don't Get Too Close Tess
Ok Ashlynn, Go For It
Walker 'Texas Ranger' Hill 
aka Elvis
Heather Moore Does a Double Break

Part Two

Noah Heuer

Way to Kick Carter!
Abbey and Alona

Go Abbey
Is this Pete or Repeat?

Ian Worden
Lot's of Fun and Surprises
Carter at Attention
Heather Again 2
Ashlynn Allen
The Ashlynn Kick
That Brady is Ready to 
Make Noise Again

Nice Execution

Chung Moo Begins