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Self Defense

Women's Self Defense Curriculum

Each year, Martial Arts Academy of Billings offers intensive self-defense training for women of all ages.  It is open to the community and usually requires the commitment of one weekend.  Previous class participants have included mothers and daughters, young women starting college, and women who just want to feel more confident when they are by themselves.

Several of our instructors conduct the class which offers materials to take home for review by participants as well as in-class discussion about and "hands on" experience with avoiding or escaping from dangerous situations.

Class sessions are limited to 35 participants in an effort to keep the student-to-teach ratio low. 

Women's Self Defense Seminar will be held on Saturday, February 5, 2011,
from 9 AM to 4 PM with lunch provided (at MAAB).

Some of our participants have commented...

- "I think fighting the padded attacker was the best because it helped show
me how I react.
"It was beneficial to be in an attack situation so I could face that fear."

- "More girls need to feel safe and confident."

- "I wish everyone could take it.  It should be a unit in the school

-"I'll bring my younger daughter in a couple of years, so make sure to keep
doing this workshop!"

Demos in the Schools

Martial Arts Academy of Billings instructors and students have provided a variety of fun and informational demonstrations in various schools and at community events.  Spectators enjoy the athletiscism of the martial arts and benefit from the philosophy and high moral standards of the practitioners.  For example, a true martial artist never starts a fight and rarely stays for one.