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Ryan Reser Judo Clinic Seprtember 2012

Judo Olympian Ryan Reser came to Helena, Montana and conducted a 6 hour training session at the YMCA september 15, 2012.    The seminar featured
participants from Missoula, Butte, Williston, Billings, Miles City and Helena.  The clinic was a cross section of stand-up fighting, ground work, warm up
 techniques and strength/balance building games. Pictur to the left, (back row) Instructor Dave Allen, Olympian Ryan Reser and Coach Josh Charette. Students pictured are Alex Charette, Jacob Nagel, Kali Schelhamer, Elias Hansen, Evija Cagle and Caili Snyder.
Ryan Reser demonstrates a variation of Okuri Ashi Harai (foot sweep) 
 Some ground work
 Balance and strength are needed here!
Ryan Reser with Gregg Trude in a moving strength and balance pose
Caili gets ready to do a balance exercise 
 Dave Allen ,Ryan Reser, Josh Charette, Gregg Trude
 Ryan Reser blocks stops a throw attempt
 Coach Charette 'helps' one of the judoka
fall on their back
Alex and Kali battle it out in a randori session 
 A group photo
 Caili Snyder and Jacob Nagel mark off the spot!
Ryan Reser works with one of the students.
Some continuous action 
Alex Charette and Gregg Trude face off