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Judo Test August 3, 2012

The Judo test was administered in two segments by Masters Dave and Eve Allen and Assistant Mr. Tallon Jones.  The students did a splendid job
showing off their skills, knowledge and techniques!  Several
images have been uploaded to commemorate the student testing performance and to celebrate all the new belt-ranks. In between
the two tests, t-shirts sent from USA Judo 2012 Olympic Gold
Medalist Kayla Harrison were distributed to many of the students. Parents and relatives were seated in the gallery and seemed to really enjoy all our young Judoka entertaining them with smiling faces and some very interesting mat action!
 Kali, Izza, Seth, Helen Alexis & Jake.
 Jaron throws Travis
Gripping and moving 
 Seth Larsen and Jacob Nagel
The three Musketeers
 Nathan and James work together
Boy, this is fun! 
1st test group bows in 
Devon and Kali do a throw 
 The rest of the second test group in line.
 Drake, Zander and Adam show what
 it is really all about!
 A little groundwork
 Kenny and Hayden await instruction
 Russ and Adam are both laughing
 Evija demonstrates Kami Shiho Katame
Moving so fast my hair is blowing in the wind 
Red and Kamminga set up throws 
Good Kesa Katame holddown Ali 
 The distribution of Kayla Harrison shirts.
 A little group education time. 
 Eve Allen, Tallon Jones, Dave Allen
Hayden Hunt, Jaron Roberts, Kenny Elwell,
 Leif Baker, Travis Lee, Evija Cagle, Nathan
Dierenfield, James Maney, Zander Heuer,
Russ Wharton, Drake Heuer, Adam Funk
and Alejandro Enemy Hunter. 
2nd test group gets underway
 Ali is trying to get a grip on Kali
 Nathan performs Kesa Katame on Caili
Nice throw Leif! 
Jaron, Travis and Alejandro 
What are you doing Ashlynn?