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Deb Fergus Guest Judo Instructor

2008 World Masters Silver Medalist, Sensei Deb Fergus of Michigan came to the school and taught the Judo classes on February 16, 2012.  She used a combination of games, technical correction, grips and enthusiasm to keep everyone from the juniors to the seniors enrapt!  All who participated had a great time!
The adultd were smiling too!
Sensei Fergus and the youngsters and maybe a few oldsters!
   Deb Fergus has a crowd!           The juniors are getting warmed up with some fun.

 Pierce Dotson is in the process of securing a good hold.  Zander Heuer is all smiles while pinning Zane McCracken. 


Wyatt Hanson does a rear breakfall in a moment of need.
Showing his tate hold down position on Alejandro Enemy Hunter.

Getting ready for another race!

     Judoka other senses were tested by using blindfolds.