Junior Demo Team Performs at Montana Fair 2012

The MAAB Junior Demonstration Team performed for nearly
an hour at Montana Fair, the largest carnival/fair setting in
Montana.  The team is directed by Master Dru Wagner and is
assisted by Master Kirt Wagner and Master Brice Cady.  The team wowed a very large crowd with their self defense, Taekwondo
Forms, board breaking and Stranger-Danger presentations. The team is made up of Eliana Wagner, Tiana Geck, Brady Cady, Gregory Hill, Alex Moore, Walker Hill, Heather Moore, Ashlynn Allen, Kaitlyn Hensel, Alexis Heuer, Adriane Funk, Jasmine Schmid, Ryley Scherer, Leif Baker, Jessica Schmid, Dallin Despain, Abby Funk, Ian Worden, and Noah Heuer.  Our Hats off to all of you!
Ashlynn and Leif pose before the show 
Lots of work before the demonstration 
Pep talk before the show 
Tiana shows off some self defense  
Nice kick Heather 
Go Walker! 
Heather does a break with her foot 
 Go Brady!
Tiana does a break with perfection 
7 foot front kick 
Tiana, Heather and Kaitlyn 
The entire group bows out 

       Adrianne breaks with a thrust kick

      Master Kirt, Master Dru and Master Brice

Eliana breaks a board way high! 
Gregory looks like he is floating through the air 
Alexis shows beautiful technique 
Sparring is a part of the demo 
One of the stars gets an interview 
 A little battle with the Schmids?
 Multiple attackers
 Great front thrust kick
 Dallin is looking for another person to take down
 Ashlynn likes to kick hard
 Planned chaos
 Hammin' beforehand
 Eliana gets prepared to double her defense
 Watch out Dallin, those guys are sneaking up
 Adrianne, Jasmine and Jessica perform together
 Stranger Danger! Ian and Abby are in command
 Ashlynn, Walker and alexis perform
 Brady is focused
 Abby tries to knock over Master Cady
 Alexis is concentrating
 Gregory is in the middle of a mountain block
 Ashlynn, you go girl
 Fighting action
 Heather gets ready to put a kick on Alex
 Tiana and Eliana perform dynamic movements
 Eliana and Alex
Heather poses with Tiana, Gregory and Alex