Montana Association of the Blind-Self Defense Seminar

posted Sep 20, 2015, 5:57 PM by maabtkd owners
The Martial Arts Academy of Billings was invited to take part in the annual Montana Association of the Blind state 
convention held recently at the Billings Hotel and Convention Center. Masters Eve and Dave Allen, along with 
MAAB members and Black Belts Tatia Luderitz, Bridget Moore, Ron Moore, Steve Halama, Alex Moore and MAAB Judoka Michael Mooney led two seperate awareness and self defense clinics (with some Judo and Hapkido mixed in) and worked with the association members on simple strikes, blocks, escapes, back breakfall and a throw. Even though each participant was sight impaired, each clinic session ended with everyone breaking boards.  
Each person also had the opportunity to throw Mr. Mooney (who is also totally blind). At the luncheoan, 
Mr. Allen was guest speaker and served as aucitoneer at the evening banquet fundraiser, which netted a few 
thousand dollars. MAAB was honored to play such an important role in this event!