Helena Judo Tournament March 2012

The Martial Arts Academy of Billings had 6 Judo players compete at the Capitol City Open on March 3, 2012. 
They fought hard and took home the 3rd place team trophy.  Caili Snyder was awarded the Outstanding Female Player of the tournament! 
Our team consisted of Ryley Welsh, Morgan McCarty, Jacob Nagel, Caili Snyder, Hunter Weil and Pierce Dotson.
Deb Fergus served as their coach (also did the pooling sheets and refereed) and gave the players some excellent tips and advice.
Mrs. Allen ran the scoreboard/timeclock and Mr. Allen served as Chief Referee. 

The team shows off their medals and trophies!

Lots of smiles 

Caili Snyder goes for an attack on Devin Amtmann.


Attack, Attack, Attack! 


Morgan McCarty shows some ground work on her opponent.



 Our Ground Game was Excellent.






Caili fights off an attack by her opponent.

Who is that handsome dude with the medal?





Hunter Weil grip fights with his competition. 

 Jacob is moving his opponent very well!
Ryley and Pierce fight hard! 

Caili and Morgan get instruction from Deb Fergus.


Thumbs up at the medal ceremony.


Jacob gets his Kesa Katame hold down. 

 Morgan sets up at the beginning of a match.
 Hunter counters a high grip entance.
A team that sits together stays together.
Jacob Nagel goes in for a low hip throw.

Hunter Weil sets up an entrance with his grip.







The tournament was a lot of fun and

a good overall experience

for those who competed!

Quite a few juniors attended.